Overview of Wishlist for Research Notes

18 July 2023

In the all notes -page there’s a “Wishlist” functionality, with which users can record their wishes for making Research Notes (RN) better.

Although users do not get any feedback at the wishlist box, we at RN look at each saved wish carefully and decide whether/when to incorporate any given idea to the product.

Here's an overview of how we categorized the wishes over the period of 2020 - 2023 June:

Let’s take a detailed look at what kind of wishes have been saved to the wishlist.


“sync data file across browsers/ computers thanks” (US, 24 June 2021, RN v1.0)

“To Share Data all across Devices in Real Time” (Pakistan, 28 Sept 2021, RN v1.0)

This is the biggest wishlist item in terms of effort required. There are costs and risks associated with maintaining the data on the server and syncing between different devices, so it would have to be a priced functionality. It only makes sense to implement if there is a bigger user base for it.

Decision: The idea is already in roadmap - implementation in distant future.


“I absolutely love the concept of saving selected text as a tag with specific custom property types. I've been looking for something like this for a long time! Can you make a desktop application for Windows or MacOS?” (US, 11 Oct 2021, RN v1.0)

Thanks! Regarding the desktop app, that’s a step too far from the current browser-based environment.

Decision: Will not do - out of our chosen scope.


“Support for changing bookmark folder, or otherwise support for profile/bookmark sync between computers. Currently, syncing bookmarks via Chrome's built-in sync support gives me separate 'Research Notes' folders and I don't see an option to change that. Thank you!!!” (US, 18 Oct 2021, RN v1.0)

It’s possible that Chrome has changed this behavior, but currently we’ve managed to delete any surplus “Research Notes” bookmark folders and use just one bookmark folder. Adding any new bookmarked page via RN creates a bookmark in this folder and Chrome syncs this folder then to another computer, you can even rename the folder’s name and it still works. But as (Research Notes) data syncing has not been implemented (see above), this may be a happy coincidence that Chrome’s built-in sync works.

Decision: Already existing functionality.


“Ability to change the title because it's too long!” (UAE, 22 Jan 2022, RN v1.0)

Changing the page title in the RN popup was implemented in RN v1.0.2, released April 2022.

Decision: Wish heard and implemented


“hackmd” (Iran, 18 June 2022, RN v1.0.2)

Collaborative writing is an interesting venue, but we’re not well versed in HackMD and would need some further explanation, how it would work with Research Notes.

Decision: Wish needs some further elaboration.


“1. UI of popup should be synced with full page customisation. 2. Be able to add customised fonts. 3. Changes in UI will immediately visible not after clicked save.” (Australia, 12 Sept 2022, RN v1.0.3.1)

1. If the user means here that the RN popup should be styled same way as the full page, then that would mean first pulling the info about the page’s style to popup and then applying it. Chrome extension’s popup is more decoupled from the web page. Research Notes style has been kind of minimal, to use Chrome’s given default style, not overriding it with own or web page’s style. 2. RN’s minimal styling extends also to the use of fonts. However, on all notes -page you can already change font size and color. 3. Here we’d need some examples, which changes in UI are we talking about?

Decision: 1&2 - Will not do - out of our chosen scope. 3 - Wish needs some further elaboration


“ability to export as table” (US, 21 Dec 2022, RN v1.0.3.1)

You can view your topics in the form of table in the all notes -page (select “Table view”) and then click “Copy table to clipboard”, followed by pasting the contents to location of your choosing (MS Word, Excel, even Wordpress post).

Decision: Already existing functionality


“able to print the notes thank you” (US, 25 Jan 2023, RN v1.0.3.1)

Chrome provides the printing option of any page, also the all notes -page (Ctrl + P).

Decision: Already existing functionality


“A better UI please. But I am actually very happy with how quickly it saves notes, unlike all the other extensions ive tried. very helpful and 10/10 would recommend” (Philippines, 16 Feb 2023, RN v1.0.3.2)

Thanks 😊 and we’re aware that Research Notes is kind of minimally styled, but any more specific (styling) feedback is welcome at feedback@onlineresearchnotes.com.

Decision: Wish needs some further elaboration.


“Gallery view” (Japan, 1 June 2023, RN v1.0.3.3)

Now this is interesting. Would this be an additional third view (in addition to table and list views), which shows saved graphical snippets (and quotes?), with sources under each? Would the author please step forward and clarify this thought at feedback@onlinesearchnotes.com.

Decision: Wish needs some further elaboration.